Garhwali People

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Garhwali People

Garhwali people primarily live in the northern Indian State of Uttrakhand Garhwal in Himalayan Region, generally are indo aryan-linguistic group. Language they speak locally is garhwali, which is a typical language.Garhwali people are softhearted, Kind and hard workers. They are very loyal and helpful to their friends and others too.

Believe in simple living and high thinking, they can be find globally. Garhwali Family treat their friends and guest very politely, they are in many multiple occupation and job roles, can be found in all low, medium and high post.

Garhwal Food

Garhwali prepare many different variety of dishes. Jhangora, Mandua, kapli saag etc. They eat mandua roti specially with butter and green chatpati chutney. Some Special Garhwali food is

  1. Phana
  2. Kaapli
  3. Kandali Ka Saag
  4. Chainsu
  5. ko-de ki roti
  6. Amwani
  7. Kaphalwani

Some of special garhwali sweets are

  1. Jhongre ki kheer
  2. Gulgula
  3. Arsa
  4. Singori
  5. Bal Mithai
  6. Ghyanja

Traditional Dress Of Grahwal

Women wears saree (Dhoti) and blouse with scarf on their head. Men wears dhoti-kurta and traditional cap. Garhwali’s are very interesting and entertaining, they keep enjoying with their friends and family circle. They are fully fulfilled with comedy and happy heart.

Garhwali Marriages

Their marriages are even very interesting and full of joy.

They have lot of rituals to complete in marriages. Their songs (Garhwali gaane) are full of music and beats which can be heard in their functions. Their traditional dhols are very attractive, sometime it fails other music system in front of them. This dhol is completed with the bag-piper support which spells enchanted and people really enjoy it.

They are very devotional and loyal to their regional god and goddess. They worship their god every day and they have a complete faith to them and even in their problems they ask a resolution of their problems to god by calling them some of their medium. Locally it is called Mandan.

There is famous folklore is

Garhwali ki yaari aur sher is swari har kisi ko nahi milti.


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